Ups and Downs

This has been a week with some pretty big ups and downs.  It is when I can truly see God working and it is a great reminder that Escape Ministries (or the official name Escape YFGK) is HIS ministry.  Just when things seem to be running smoothly, we hit a glitch which shows us God is in control and we need to trust him.

Over the holidays a church collected money and blessed us with a large number of “new to us” laptops they purchased from Holland Christian.  We thought we had them all ready to go, but we eventually found out the Holland Public School students were not able to access their online classes.  Their tech person who deals with the online classes was able to get them limited access so they could watch the lecture videos and practice what was taught but they could not access the quizzes and tests which was a bit frustrating.  However, God sent us a snow day and the gentleman who is above the tech guy was able to come and get all the laptops set up for full access–God’s timing.

Our second glitch this week was finding out that the local public school would no longer give us the free and reduced lunches some of the students qualified for.  Instead, they wanted to charge $3.50 for the little bit of food they sent over for each of them.  It started the next day.  I quickly sent out an email asking for this matter to be put on our church’s prayer chain and within 24 hours we were able to secure food and/or money to take care of the next several weeks of lunches and even some toward the breakfasts I have been supplying for the students.  I was so thankful to have food come the next day because several of the students were unable to bring their own lunch and would have gone without that day.  God’s timing and God’s provision!!

On Thursday we received the news that we will no longer have our AmeriCorps workers.  A glitch in some paperwork has led to them being taken out of Escape and they will be sent to other sites.  It leaves me with only two volunteers who come every day all day and three college students who come for a class for two hours a week.  This will be a huge challenge for us, but I am confident that God has a plan and in HIS timing things will work out.  We will definitely miss our two AmeriCorps members, but I believe God has better plans for both us and them so that He will be glorified in all this.

It is so amazing to look at each situation and see how God was in control and worked everything out (or is working things out).  Yet, as a Christian, should it really be amazing–shouldn’t I know and expect this?  I think so often we do know it but to actually see it and be able to recognize it is such a blessing that it amazes us.  I am so very thankful that I have such an amazing and powerful God and that I can have confidence that He will work all thing for the good of those who serve Him and to bring Him honor and glory.


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